Boot Bobs (TM) – Bling for your boots!

Pink Boot Bobs – “Coco” style

Welcome to Boot Bobs (TM)!

I must confess, when I first became aware of the ‘fashion’ trend that is Uggs, I was skeptical. After all, these are not the world’s most attractive boots.  But then I tried a pair on, and I began to see what all the fuss was about…. they ARE comfy!  And warm.

So, I decided I needed to ‘pretty them up’ a bit, and came up with this idea.  I designed a beautiful ‘anklet’ for my boots, and it really dresses them up!  I received so many compliments on them, I decided to make some for sale as well.  I make each and every pair by hand out of top-quality materials.  My goal is for these Boot Bobs(TM) to be the new must-have accessory for boots!  They are $24.95 per pair, plus $3.95 S&H.  To order, please email me at:

Black Boot Bobs (TM)

At this time I can only take Paypal…. sorry for any inconvenience. At some point, if this little business gets rolling, I will be able to accept credit card payment as well.

Boot Bobs look great on any boot!

Black Boot Bobs – Bling for your Boots!

Boot Bobs(TM) come in four basic colors: Silver metal with tan ribbon, silver metal with black ribbon, gold metal with tan ribbon, and gold metal with black ribbon.  I will, however, custom make any color you like, if I can find the ribbon! Here are some samples:

Boot Bobs (TM) in Lime Green

Boot Bobs (TM) in Baby Blue

The “Coco” in gold with pink ribbon


The “Coco” with gold and red ribbon

The “Coco” with gold and violet ribbon

The “Coco” in lilac!


2 Responses to Boot Bobs (TM) – Bling for your boots!

  1. Coco the Original says:

    Livvy, Sallie and I LOVE this idea! How ’bout a sportier look for your next design,…gucci-esque with a bit & bridle twist?

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